The Casual Company – Empowerment Through Direct Mail 2024


empowerment direct mail 2024


The Casual Company, based in Ireland, is a fashion label that places a strong emphasis on comfort, chic design, and empowering women. Whether it’s through their clothing or accessories, they strive to enhance women’s confidence and self-expression through their fashion choices.



The Casual Company had two main challenges. Like many fashion companies, Casual Clothing had a high rate of abandoned shopping carts, so were keen to understand how they could capture more lost sales at checkout. They were also looking to boost the potential of locking in follow-on activity from customers who had recently purchased as well as utilising new and fresh channels for rewarding loyalty.


The Casual Company decided to partner with Paperplanes to address these challenges. At Paperplanes, we began to outline a strategy to re-engage customers in order to find a way to reconnect with their audience and encourage them to become more active customers.



When it comes to abandoned shopping carts, The Casual Company experienced an impressive 124% surge in the Average Basket Value. This not only signifies their ability to recover potentially lost sales but also highlights their success in enhancing the overall value of transactions—a testament to the effectiveness of targeted campaigns aimed at reengaging customers who had abandoned their shopping carts.


Digging deeper into the realm of abandoned baskets, the numbers tell an intriguing story of engagement and conversion. A remarkable 26.3% conversion rate showcases the precision and efficacy of targeted campaigns. Astonishingly, one in four customers, enticed by the abandon basket initiatives, not only returned but made a purchase, underlining the power of personalised engagement in transforming hesitant shoppers into committed buyers.


Transitioning to the VIP welcome strategy, The Casual Company and Paperplanes orchestrated an approach that resulted in an impressive 33.7% conversion rate. Welcoming one in three customers as VIPs not only elevated the customer experience but also translated into tangible sales. The success of this initiative reinforces the idea that a warm, personalised welcome can be a catalyst for converting first-time visitors into loyal customers.


Equally noteworthy is the winback strategy, boasting a commendable 4.8% conversion rate. Paperplanes’ expertise came to the forefront as 5% of a previously inactive customer base rekindled their interest in Casual Clothing products after receiving targeted communications. This not only speaks to the effectiveness of winback campaigns but also underscores the potential for revitalising connections with customers who may have lapsed in their engagement.

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Paperplanes aren’t just another plug in for a CRM platform or automation tool, they are so much more. At The Casual Company, our mission has always been to empower women through comfortable, chic fashion choices. We partner with Paperplanes to introduce programmatic direct mail, and take our commitment to the next level. The results have been outstanding. This innovative approach has not only increased customer engagement and conversions but has also reaffirmed our belief in the power of personalised letters. 

— Business Owner of Casual Clothing