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Automated Direct Mail

We are an automated direct mail capability that uses data-driven analysis and advanced automation to create personalised, targeted campaigns for businesses, optimising and increasing the reach and engagement.

What we do:
Give your marketing
strategy a jolt with our
automated direct mail!

We specialise in providing automated direct mail driven by data science campaigns for ecommerce retail businesses. We work with our clients to reach their target audience effectively and efficiently, driving conversions and building lasting customer relationships.

Browse but NO SALE

Browse abandonment campaigns for customers who have shown interest but not yet made a purchase.

Abandoned Basket

Abandoned basket campaigns, to encourage customers to complete their purchase after adding items to their cart.


Campaigns to reward loyal customers and add more value to their experience with your brand.

customers stop buying

Retargeting campaigns aimed at customers who have stopped buying, in order to win them back and reignite their interest.


First-time purchaser campaigns, which are designed to make a strong first impression and encourage repeat business.

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