How it Works

Quick and simple integration, strong and impressive results

Similar to digital forms of re-targeting our approach champions ongoing A/B testing to improve performance and easily integrates with your existing digital marketing strategy.

Integrating Paperplanes identification technology on your website is a quick and simple process enabling automation and collection of insights that improve campaigns over time….

A Simple 5 Step Process

1) Set Campaign Objectives

– We research your company and suggest adaptive and inclusive campaigns

– Initial consultation meeting will allow us to discuss and define clear campaign objectives and KPIs

– Agreeing on timeline and process

2) Set up Paperplanes Code on your Website

– Set up an  easy and simple propretairy API code on your website  with our expert support

–  Set website user triggers based on goals

–  Data feed is ready to be tracked by us

3) Upload Assets

–  Create promotional print visuals with our easy to adapt templates or we take care of all creative work inhouse

4) Programmatically triggered mail is sent out

– Collected data is automatically processed into deeply personalised text and promotions into a mail piece thanks to our AI

–  Mail arrives directly at customers home within 48h of beginning our collaboration

–  Wait and enjoy cascade of a wide open sales funnel

5) We report on performance

– Our data tracking machine learning process allows for concrete and deeply analytical performance data points to report on

–  Clear dash board and other KPI visuals clearly presented allowing for a full 360 view

–  Laser focused goal results reached as well as tons of complimentary achievements and actionable insights delivered

4) Campaign optimisation

– Our dedicated marketing and sales team study your company and campaign results in detail

–  We provide deep performance amelioration to further boost sales and traffic focusing on recommendatioins for the marketing strategy & campaign

–  Promised boost in results with every month of collaboration

Step 1

Set Campaign Objectives

KPIs determined and campaign objectives agreed.

Step 2

Tag Key Pages

Install tags to track user journey, targeting pages viewed by the customer.

Step 3

Upload Assets

Access the internal portal to upload your customer lists and product assets.

Step 4

Direct Mail Triggered

Programmatic direct mail triggers and lands with customers.

Step 5

We Report on Performance

Access real insight and detailed campaign analytics.

How easy is tech integration?

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