Direct Mail is and will always be a timeless and long-lasting marketing tool, yet, in our digital era, many have started to doubt its effectiveness. Why? Because most digital forms of marketing are all we have ever been exposed to. Take into consideration, for example, that some consumers are receiving an average of 100 emails daily and the overutilisation of the channel becomes clear. On the other hand, Paperplanes’ mission is to combine the tangible with the digital, providing marketers with an opportunity to create content that stands out among all the emails consumers constantly receive and disregard. However, marketers can still forget about the power of tangible media and fall prey to misconceptions and myths about its ineffectiveness. 

Here are some myths we have encountered about direct mail marketing.


Myth: No one opens direct mail anymore

Fact: People love tangible mail because it engages all their five senses in the process of assimilation, makes them feel included, and is memorable compared to the standard mail. 90% of postal marketing is opened by the customers, compared to only 20% of digital mail. Thus why direct mail campaigns’ response rates are as high as 4.4% when delivered through standard mail and 25% for Paperplanes enhanced automation, compared to just 0.12% of online campaigns*. 



Myth: Direct mail is not sustainable 

Fact: Our idea of environmentally sustainable postal marketing stands on three pillars – 1) partnering with production partners with high environmental standards, 2) the ‘less is more’ approach, and 3) data-driven efficiency. All of our print partners respect and hold certifications for high standards of sustainable production and manufacture. ‘Less is more’ means that customers do not need to be spammed with impersonal or irrelevant content. Data-driven marketing targets recipients who are actively showing interest in products at the right time and only follows up with them once to avoid any frustration or fatigue with the channel. 

Check out our blog for more information about how our programmatic direct mail marketing strategy is sustainable:



Myth: Direct mail lacks impact

Fact: Each piece of postal marketing is carefully curated and designed to give a visually impressive and interactive experience to customers. After all, subconsciously, we all crave something personalised and relevant to us, with the emotional effect playing an important role in direct mail’s impact. As discovered by the UK Royal Mail, 60% of the recipients of direct mail said this effect made a more lasting mental impression on them, making it easier to recall later on, while 57% said that it makes them feel more valued and creates a more authentic relationship.



Final thoughts 

One’s job, as a marketer, is to optimise resources for obtaining outstanding results, so make sure you are not dismissing the traditional options based on misconceptions. It would be a pity to disregard the massive potential of programmatic direct mail based on a lack of knowledge. ‘In a sea of information, look out for the facts’ and drop us an email to find out a little more.