The Context

PACT Coffee offers their customers a world class specialty coffee delivered to their front door. They use ethically sourced coffee and allow customers to tailor subscriptions suited towards them. 


Following success working on the Welcome strategy PACT were keen to work with Paperplanes on other marketing automation journeys. Resurrection of non-subscribers as well as follow ups for those dropping out the store and subscription processes were identified as potential opportunities.  

The action

Paperplanes worked closely with the CRM and Growth teams in PACT to understand where we could add the most value. We decided to introduce variable product recommendations based on what customers had browsed. We segmented creatives further to highlight whether a customer browsed machinery vs coffee and introduced other A/B tests to refine and optimize our approach based on the information captured across the site via our tech integration.  



The result 

Encouraging results with impressive growth opportunities across all new campaign strategies launched which has provided a firm foundation to improve even further.

  • Abandoned Basket Subs bring 40% more customers back to PACT than the non mail control

  • Cohorts viewing 10% more pages than comparative non-mail controls

  • 4% of recently paused subscriptions successfully reactivated, meaning we were successful creating incremental subscriptions as well as recovering lapsed subscriptions.


“Working with Paperplanes helped us to reach our customers in new ways and has led us to achieve a greater level of lifetime value from the base.We hoped to see a stronger conversion through mailing and was happy to find a higher retention rate across mailed groups. Paperplanes has helped uncover insights on how we can use direct mail to target customers over a longer term.”


CRM, Pact Coffee


Working with subscription based clients allows us to help them recover cancelled subscriptions. Paperplanes and our client create effective and meaningful creatives to drive up return rates for subscriptions.