Consider Programmatic Direct Mail In Your Marketing Strategy 


Strategies are used to create a distinct advantage over competitors in a business environment. A marketing strategy isn’t much different as it has the same goal of creating this competitive advantage, It’s about creating a long-term plan that will help the firm achieve its goals. In regards to marketing strategies, direct mail marketing could be the key to creating a more effective marketing strategy and something to be considered. There are key elements to consider in implementing Direct mail to your marketing strategy and reasons to consider using direct mail marketing to assist in achieving your marketing strategy goals.


Within all modern successful marketing strategies, we need to consider a few key elements:


  • segmentation
  • targeting & positioning
  • promotional tactics
  • monitoring, evaluation and optimisation


These elements can vary and can be far more impactful when combined with parallel efforts amongst the most relevant social media and digital channels, in what is referred to as a ‘multi-channel’ or  ‘omnichannel’ marketing strategy. 

One study claims that multichannel customers spend 2-5x more than single-channel users. 

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Make sure you measure “success” in your marketing using the appropriate standards, as with anything else in your business. You run the risk of giving too much or too little credit when evaluating new marketing channels, both of which could come back to haunt you. As mentioned previously, the channels have various differences in behaviours and metrics and therefore have to be each analysed uniquely or it would be unfairly comparing apples with oranges.


The Programmatic Direct Mail (PDM) channel, in particular, necessitates a shift in perspective when defining success because it is neither a wholly digital nor a purely direct offline (postal mail) medium.


An impression, or the instant when a digital ad is displayed, is a very tiny period of time for marketers that have experience managing campaigns in channels like Social Media or Search. Marketers have a very brief window of time to grab a customer’s attention and convince them to act. Therefore, when assessing the effect of a channel on overall performance, you will often have a shorter attribution window,  typically a  few days at most.


While a PDM “impression” has many of the same features and capabilities as other digital advertising channels, it takes the form of a physical, and hyper-personalised piece of media. Likely being more engaging as it is the less common sensation of being able physically to grasp a piece of marketing. It can remain in the recipient’s home for weeks, or even months if they find it useful, acting as a persistent reminder of their intention to buy and influencing longer sales cycles. Moreover, it has a multiplying view and ear-to-ear presence since multiple individuals within the household may view it. 


How long that impression window will endure for your specific campaign can be determined with the assistance of a qualified Programmatic Direct Mail partner such as Paperplanes.


Another factor to take into account when understanding the performance of the Programmatic Direct Mail channel is the fact that, even though the final product (a physical marketing piece of mail) may resemble a Traditional Direct Mail letter, it is not in fact a classic promotional flyer. The content is incredibly targeted, the name and messaging are tailored based on specific triggers, and everything leading up to that point is entirely different.


Businesses that use traditional direct mail promotions are accustomed to sending a lot of marketing mail at the lowest cost per piece (CPP) in order to achieve performance targets, and these campaigns are typically based on offline lists and manual work. (and what is the problem with that?)


Paperplanes PDM employs machine learning algorithms informed by online website actions and customer intent signals to guarantee that only those with the greatest potential for conversion will be sent a piece of marketing mail.  Therefore achieving better results as old school mass mail sends, with up to 78% less send volume. 


It’s crucial to remember that Programmatic Direct Mail is a brand new & complex channel where the campaigns should be managed by experts to optimise and translate data & performance much as we do at Paperplanes. By receiving tailored targets, goals and triggers we provide reviews and analytic sessions from the dedicated team to help continuously optimise your spending and results!

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