Postal marketing. Most commonly associated with the old fashioned tradition which saw us all sending them to family and friends from our travels across the globe. Ok, so you’re probably thinking who even does that now? (Well, other than my parents, I’m not quite sure). However, postal marketing has found a new purpose, with brands now adopting this method of communication to engage with their audience in a simple yet compelling form.

Many of you may wonder why businesses are returning to more traditional routes for marketing activities, so if you’re yet to be convinced, here are a few reasons why sending postcards as part of your marketing strategy can win big for business.

Postal Marketing provide instant impact

Post stands out in compared to the numerous junk and transnational mail consumers are used to receiving on a daily basis. The beauty of postcards is that you can use all sorts of imagery and colours to grab the attention of the consumer right away. Design tip – if you use A5 or A6 postcards, they are the perfect size for people to pin up on the fridge or notice board. 

They're cost effective

Post can be incredibly cost-efficient and can drive the same outcome as other forms of communication. Take AdWords for example, it can easily cost you upwards of £10 per click on popular keywords, whereas sending a programmatically triggered and completely personalised postcard can cost less than £1 per send. What’s more, you’re guaranteed engagement with the end-user.

They work across various sectors

Regardless of which sector your business operates in, postal marketing offer a great opportunity to connect with audiences of different ages, demographics and markets in a fast and easy way. 

Designs don't need to be complex

Designing direct mail doesn’t need to be difficult. Simple, effective imagery and a key call to action can be all that is required for a successful postcard creative. If you’re looking for some ideas, take these innovative designs!

You can gain a strong return on investment

Clients using programmatic direct mail from Paperplanes have seen returns of over £10 for every £1 spent, and results have proven that postal marketing can be twice as successful as email marketing. With a powerful creative, you can expect to achieve strong returns from investments of less than £1 per print. 

Direct Mail can help drive people online or in-store

There are plenty of ways in which postcards can be used to drive audiences back to a store or re-visit a website, depending on your businesses requirements. For example, unique discount codes or reference numbers can be used to drive people back to a website or into a store to redeem offers. And for peace of mind, our A/B testing methods ensure sales can be attributed correctly to programmatic postcard triggers. 

Just because postcards are fulfilling a new purpose in a business environment doesn’t mean the personalisation aspect that we all knew and loved should be left behind. Here at Paperplanes, we specialise in delivering Programmatic Direct Mail. We combine our unique tagging capabilities to be able to monitor consumer’s online behaviours, and from that we can programmatically trigger a personalised, relevant postcard that lands on their doorstep days after an interaction.

If you’d like to know more about how Paperplanes can help you implement digital mail with postcards, get in touch today!

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