Sustainability in Action: DASH Water’s Success Story with Programmatic Direct Mail



DASH Water is a refreshingly innovative soft drink company that has made a name for itself by transforming the way we think about flavoured water; founded on the principle of using “wonky” fruit. 


DASH Water’s commitment to sustainability and using surplus fruit and veg is evident in their product lineup, which includes unique and delicious flavours like Cucumber, Raspberry, and Lime, all with no added sugars, sweeteners, or artificial ingredients. 


DASH Water’s mission is not only to quench your thirst but also to have a positive impact on the planet, making them a refreshing choice for conscientious consumers. 



DASH Water has embarked on a strategic partnership with Paperplanes to introduce an  innovative approach to their marketing strategy – programmatic direct mail. This exciting  venture aims to revolutionise the way businesses connect with their customers by seamlessly  blending the offline and online realms. 

At the heart of this initiative lies a clear and compelling objective: to enhance customer  engagement in the online sphere, elevate overall conversion rates, and drive incremental  sales. To achieve these ambitious goals, a meticulously crafted campaign was launched. This  campaign is designed to synchronise DASH Water’s offline and online marketing efforts,  essentially creating a harmonious synergy between the two. 

The focal point of this campaign was to steer recipients towards DASH Water’s website, utilising postal automated technology which paperplanes has pioneered. By doing so, the company can rekindle the connection with customers who may have strayed or not made a purchase in some time. 

The results have been nothing short of impressive; reaching out to these past customers through automated direct mail has not only rekindled their interest but also led to stronger conversion rates. 



The introduction of programmatic direct mail, specifically mailing cohorts, significantly  elevated DASH Water’s Winback campaign. This strategic move led to an outstanding 168% increase in conversion rates, successfully rekindling the interest of past customers and resulting in more robust conversion rates. 

Mailing cohorts continued to prove effective in DASH Water’s Next Best Purchase campaign. Through a meticulous analysis, they achieved an impressive 125% increase in conversion rates. This tailored marketing approach to specific customer cohorts  demonstrated its potency, driving significantly higher conversions and marking a notable  success in their campaign. 

Addressing the challenge of abandoned baskets, DASH Water achieved an impressive 8%  conversion rate. This underlines the success of targeted campaigns in not only recapturing  potential lost sales but also re-engaging customers who left items in their carts. 

A highlight lies in the customer return rate, with an impressive 56.8% of customers returning to the site after receiving programmatic direct mail. This far exceeded return 

rates observed with alternative marketing channels, emphasising the effectiveness of  DASH Water’s approach in capturing attention and fostering sustained engagement. 


“Our partnership with Paperplanes for programmatic direct mail has been a game-changer. By  sending personalised, physical letters to our customers, we’ve not only deepened our  engagement but also achieved remarkable results, namely through our Winback campaign which saw an impressive increase in CR% versus our existing channels.” – Head of Marketing, DASH Water


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