The Folio Society: Next best purchase 



Since 1947 Folio has been producing beautiful editions of the world’s best literature right in the heart of the creative quarter of London. With every book being a labour of love from a wonderful team of editors, designers and artists, each is a work of art. Folio publishes books that have changed the world, books that make us laugh, books that teach and books that blow your mind. Folio is an award-winning, employee-owned, independent publisher that delivers illustrated books to a dedicated band of readers around the world.



Folio are partnering with Paperplanes to run a pilot activity for programmatic direct mail. The test is focused on triggering relevant, personalised, physical media to customers who have previously purchased in a 12-month period from the Folio website but have not visited since. We have also run activities to target customers who have recently placed an order or abandoned a cart to encourage a follow-up purchase or convert their basket. Consumers who left abandoned baskets are sent follow-ups to complete their purchase. Consumers who haven’t returned in a long time are sent ’win-back’ direct mail convincing them to return and make a purchase. Lastly ‘next best purchase’ mailing, focuses on following up with consumers after a recent purchase to suggest related products. The overarching goal is to see an increase in customer engagement online and to increase overall conversions.



  • 1 in 5 Customers are returning to Folio after receiving direct mail marketing







  • The campaign successfully created a 26.7% conversion in sales from customers mailed Abandon and a 12.7% conversion from next purchase opportunities. Winback recovered 4.9% of the audience



  • Mailed customers view 50% more pages and stay 40% longer than non-mail counterparts 



  • Early evidence of repeat purchase propensity with 21% of all targeted customers making more than one extra purchase since mailing. 




‘With only a frustratingly low email opt-in rate, Folio has been looking for more ways to communicate with our customers at the point of abandon basket and post-purchase. Paperplanes offer an affordable and effective solution which is allowing us to contact customers in a timely manner with personalised, relevant content. This is helping us to recover potentially lost sales and add incremental revenue to our annual budget. Paperplanes have been great to work with from the get-go and we’re already seeing the benefits of our investment.’


Head of Marketing, Folio