Direct Mail Done Differently

Paperplanes automation technology creates individually personalised direct mail, triggered from customers interactions with your website

Europe's leading provider of insight-driven Programmatic Direct Mail

Realise the power of always-on postal re-targeting and direct mail through evolving optimisation of content and detailed insights on campaign performance.

Complement your digital strategy with direct mail

Unlike email, social or online display re-targeting postal marketing is not a heavily saturated channel.

Increase efficiency of marketing spend through minimised wastage and maximised sales.

Understand direct mail campaign performance through detailed analytical tracking

We don’t just tell you when campaigns leave the print house.

We provide clear attribution analytics and performance measurement built on our vast experience working with customer insights and big data sources.

Intelligent e-Commerce across 5 Campaign Types


  • A customer browses a section or multiple sections of your website signifying intent to purchase products.
  • Paperplanes collects information based on what the customer browses but does not make any purchases.
  • Programmatic personalised communications are triggered automatically. Relevant direct mail is sent to the customers home.
  • This direct mail communication encourages them to go online to purchase or even go in-store if applicable.


  • A customer browses your website, placing an item, or items, into their virtual shopping basket.
  • The customer ends up leaving your website before they complete their purchase.
  • The customer doesn’t go back to recover their basket within a specific timeframe, so a piece of programmatically triggered direct mail is sent to them.
  • The direct mail communication encourages them to go back online to recover their basket and complete the purchase.


  • A customer goes online to browse your website for the first time.
  • The customer registers with your brand to receive info, discounts and offers.
  • The customer doesn’t make a purchase after their visit to the website.
  • Programmatic direct mail is triggered based on their browsing history.
  • Content on mail is relevant to their preferences to encourage them to make a first purchase.


  • A customer has purchased from your brand in the past but hasn’t purchased anything for a while.
  • To encourage the customer to return to your website to make future purchases, a piece of personalised direct mail is programmatically triggered.
  • The direct mail is personalised based on historic transactional data to encourage the customer to go back online and purchase new items.


  • A customer has bought products from your brand multiple times.
  • From these purchases, your brand collects information on the customer, e.g date of birth, anniversary with a brand.
  • A piece of programmatically triggered direct mail is sent out to reward them for their loyalty.
  • The direct mail is personalised, for example wishing them a happy birthday, and providing an exclusive offer encouraging them to make future purchases whilst rewarding them for their commitment.

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