Craft Gin Club’s Journey: How Direct Mail Transformed Subscription Retention Strategies

Craft Gin Club, a subscription-based service for gin lovers in the UK, were utilising email as the main part of their retention marketing strategy. They realised that they could create a multi- channel strategy with Paperplanes’ automated direct mail. At Paperplanes, we help clients integrate mail as part of a multi-channel strategy. We know that mail works best when used in conjunction with other channels like email.

Paperplanes worked with Craft Gin Club to address lapsed subscriptions through a targeted direct mail campaign. We were able to identify past subscribers who had left the club and then used our data-driven insights to create a targeted list for the direct mail campaign.

The campaign launched personalised and eye-catching letters by utilising Paperplanes' expertise in producing similar direct mail for other retail companies. These mailers had a dynamically personalised message, eye-catching images of the limited-edition gins, and a special call-to-action that prompted re-subscription.

The direct mail campaign's schedule coincided with the monthly Gin of the Month box reveal and delivery. Deliberately chosen to build anticipation and persuade prospective customers to change their minds and use the subscription service again.

A key component of the reactivation strategy was the content of the direct mail. In an attempt to rekindle interest and highlight the benefits of the subscription service, the content focused on the distinctive qualities of each month's gin offering, the carefully chosen mixers, and the carefully chosen foodie treats. Craft Gin Club was able to effectively implement a comprehensive strategy to address lapsed subscriptions and pique the interest of prospective subscribers by utilising the personalised messaging and automatic data flow.

1. CPR Reduction: The automated direct mail campaign resulted in a substantial reduction in CPR, indicating that direct mail could be a real cost effective channel for both acquisition and reactivation.

2. Mailed customers were 12% more likely to return to the website as compared to non-mailed customers.
3. Mailed customers were 85% more likely to sign up to subscription after receiving mail compared to their non-mailed customers.
4. Reactivating lapsers- Mailed customers were 38.88% more likely to convert compared to their most relevant lookalike counterparts.

“The automated direct mail campaign was essential in helping us reactivate our lapsed customers. Through the use of aesthetically pleasing and personalised mailers, we were able to significantly increase conversions while also lowering our cost per reactivation. Because of the impactful timing and interesting content, our returning subscribers look forward to receiving their Gin of the Month boxes every month again..” Victoria Carpenter, Head of CRM