The Turmeric Co. Basket Recovery


The Turmeric Co. offers its customers award-winning turmeric-based wellness shots, delivered in fully recyclable, insulated packaging. With 15 years of experience in crafting world-class blends, the functional nutrition brand offers a range of versatile shots to allow customers to tailor subscriptions suited to their needs. To enhance the customer experience even further, The Turmeric Co. is partnering with Paperplanes to test the programmatic direct mail strategy. In order to see if mailing can lead to higher retention rates, this test is focused on triggering relevant, personalised, physical media to customers who have recently ‘fallen out’ of the basket process. A reactivation strategy will also be tested to complement this. The overarching goal is to understand if a physical piece of mail landing in-home would create long-term engagement, greater levels of spend and an increased frequency of purchase.


Paperplanes worked closely with the CRM and Growth teams at The Turmeric Co., to understand where we could add the most value. We decided to target customers who ‘fell out’ of the basket process by sending postal marketing both including and excluding a discount code of 15%. We segmented creatives further to highlight whether a customer returns to the website to make a purchase, and introduced other A/B tests to refine and optimise our approach based on the information captured across the site via our tech integration.


Encouraging results with impressive growth opportunities across the initial campaign strategy launched have provided a firm foundation to improve even further.

  • Mailed customers were 3x more likely to return to The Turmeric Co., compared to non-mail customers after mailing lands at the home.









  • Top-line conversion for total mailed customers at 9.4% versus 5.4% for non-mail counterparts







  • CPA for the mailed group at a steady £10 with incremental ROAS as at £2.93 to £1 ROAS generated.







  • Customers spend on average 14 minutes on the website after mailing.







“We were looking for the right channel to help us resurrect and attract customers who had recently lapsed or decided against making their first purchase. Paperplanes integrated seamlessly with our integration tools, helping us retarget our customers who have abandoned their baskets and spark the interest of new customers. Paperplanes is a valuable partner for us who came to strengthen and improve our marketing communications strategy.”

Thomas Robson-Kanu (Founder, of The Turmeric Co.)