Allplants: Customer Conversion



Allplants is an innovative plant-based meal preparation service, priding itself on delicious plant-based meals suitable for vegans and those who are trying to be more environmentally conscious with their food. Through their marketing customers are made aware of the meticulous food preservation methods to ensure quality, equally as important is the sustainability in the production of food Allplants go through. Certified with the “B Corp Certification” they use the power of their business to solve social and environmental problems.


Allplants and Paperplanes have partnered to help improve abandoned basket conversions through incentives, creating an A/B testing scenario where the incentive of a “20%” versus a “£20” discount are both sent out and compared to each other. 


This campaign was paired alongside a re-activation campaign which also resulted in positive outcomes, the win-back campaign also had an A/B test. No incentive offer and a £15 discount offer as part of the win-back campaign. Both campaigns utilise personalised customer information to create the most effective direct mail marketing strategy. 


  • 15.5% Off customers sent 20% of incentives were turned into conversions 

  • CPA reached £4.50 to £1 for customers in the 20% abandoned cohort

  • Customers were 2X more likely to return to the website after being sent direct personalised mail

  • The reactivation campaign had a 9% topline conversion rate for mailed customers 

  • Mailed customers look at more than 2.5X the number of pages compared to non-mailed customers, showing a huge effect on engagement 


“Through an innovative and personalised approach, Paperplanes helped us target a group of our customers that really benefited from personalised direct mail. They also provided us with in-depth and relevant information and updates regarding direct mail marketing, leaving us very satisfied with the outcomes”