Woolroom Conversion and sales increase using Paperplanes Direct Mail


Woolroom is an environmentally friendly, UK based business which offers high quality wool products for bedding, homeware and more. Their mission is to re-educate customers on the numerous benefits of wool, and expanding their online market to make their sustainable products available to everyone.

The company teamed up with Paperplanes to see if personalised direct mail could increase sales and drive more purchases.


Woolroom partnered with Paperplanes to identify customers who abandoned their basket before completing the purchase and encourage existing ones to make new purchases. To do so, customer online activity was monitored to gain insights on their behaviour.

Targeted customers were presented with relevant, personalised, physical media with their abandoned or recommended products, and extra incentives to visit the site, which were A/B tested to refine the strategy.


  • 8.1% recovery rate of recently abandoned baskets
  • Customers are twice as likely to return to Woolroom after mailing
  • Mailed customers visit twice as many pages and stay 3 times longer than their non–mail counterparts.
  • Repeat purchase propensity: 10% of abandon customers making more than one purchase since mailing
  • More customers come direct to site as a result of Paperplanes DM.