Setting and hitting your personal and business goals


Personal Development & Business Development

As we start a New Year setting personal and business objectives are always top of mind.


Sometimes personal and business development can overlap and personal development can strongly aid in the goal of business development. Picking up a new skill such as learning to edit videos is a personal development goal that also can be transferred into a business skill. Taking newly gained knowledge and video editing capabilities and creating marketing content benefits you personally as well as the business.

Mental health and well-being goals can also contribute towards personal and business growth. Choosing to begin meditation is a great example. The benefits of meditation are seemingly endless, decreasing stress and blood pressure levels, bringing clarity to the mind, reducing anxiety and reducing pain. This can lead to better decision-making and productivity in the office, potentially habits such as waking up earlier and having more consistent energy levels throughout the day.

Goal setting

Setting a clear goal is one of the most crucial steps to success. In regards to business development setting objectives and goals is a great way to keep yourself accountable and on track. Having an established endpoint with checkpoints along the way is going to make the process much easier. A great example from a business perspective would be setting revenue and sales targets. 

Not hitting monthly or weekly targets is a good way to track if you are keeping up to date with youre plans or there isn’t enough engagement to achieve the goal. Ensuring the goal is S.M.A.R.T. is going to make getting there easier.

Business resolutions

As the New Year has begun now is a great time to reflect on your business and marketing efforts and set some resolutions for the coming year. 


Consider creating a content calendar to plan out your content marketing in advance and stay consistent.


Building your email list and using email marketing can also be a great way to nurture relationships with customers and leads (but of course direct mail will be more effective :)).


Improving your website, increasing your online presence, and focusing on customer experience are all important steps towards success.


By setting and working towards these goals, you can improve your business and marketing efforts and achieve greater success in the new year.

Marketing objectives

As we look ahead to the new year, it’s important for businesses to set clear marketing goals that align with their overall strategy and objectives. Some common goals for businesses may include increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, boosting sales, and improving customer engagement. To achieve these goals, businesses may consider a variety of tactics such as social media campaigns, email marketing, influencer partnerships, and targeted advertising.


Another aspect businesses should consider as a goal for the coming year is understanding the changing consumer behaviour and preferences. With the ongoing pandemic, many consumers have shifted their shopping habits, looking for contactless and more sustainable options. Businesses that can adapt to these changes and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly are more likely to be successful.

Smart Investing

Investing in marketing is crucial for any business that wants to grow and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. A well-crafted and executed marketing strategy can help you increase brand awareness, attract new customers, boost sales, and differentiate your business from the competition. It can also help you build long-term relationships with your customers and retain their loyalty.


One of the key benefits of investing in marketing is that it can help you reach and connect with your target audience. With the right marketing tactics, you can effectively communicate the unique value of your products or services, and generate interest and engagement among your target consumers. A smart investment in marketing can also help you establish your brand as a leader in your industry, and gain a competitive advantage over your rivals.


However, it’s important to note that not all marketing investments are created equal. While it may be tempting to throw a lot of money at the latest marketing trends or channels, it’s important to be strategic and selective about where you invest your resources. A smart marketing investment is one that is aligned with your business goals, targets your ideal customers, and can be tracked and measured for return on investment.


Automated Direct Mail

Paperplanes offer an alternative to traditional methods of digital and physical marketing. By incorporating elements of digital and physical marketing Paperplanes provides an extremely cost-effective customer acquisition and retention strategy. Automated Direct Mail marketing provides customers with appropriately timed, hyper-personalised and relevant marketing content right at their front door.


Achieving these statistics with clients:


  • Topline Conversion
      • 9.3% Topline conversion 
  • Abandoned basket conversions
      • 40% Stronger with mail
      • 9.3% of Baskets recovered
  • Page views
      • 25% more pages viewed 
  • Average Basket Value
      • 30% stronger basket value 
  • Incentive Conversion
    • 15.5% of customers converted from Incentive based offers


Achieve all your marketing goals this year with the help of Paperplanes Automated direct mail. An environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to reach your customers.