Direct Mail Marketing: The Secret Weapon for Successful Black Friday Campaigns


direct mail marketing

Direct Mail Marketing: An Introduction

In the constantly changing realm of marketing, it’s simple to get captivated by the newest digital trends, from social media blitzes to email campaigns. However, amidst the digital frenzy, there’s a classic strategy that marketing managers should not overlook, especially during Black Friday: direct mail marketing. In this article, we will explore why marketing managers should consider utilising direct mail marketing during Black Friday, the biggest shopping event of the year. Through our automated and personalised direct mail strategy at Paperplanes, we can collaborate with you to spark conversions that lead to significant transformations.

Tangible Connection

One of the most compelling reasons to embrace direct mail marketing during Black Friday is the tangible connection it creates with your audience. In a world where inboxes are overflowing with promotional emails and social media feeds are bombarded with ads, a physical piece of mail stands out. It’s something that people can touch, feel, and hold onto, creating a lasting impression. 

During Black Friday, when consumers are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of online promotions, a well-designed and carefully targeted direct mail piece can break through the digital clutter. The physical presence of your message can evoke emotions and capture attention in a unique way that digital channels often struggle to achieve. The Data and Marketing Association shows a 9% average response rate for direct mail campaigns versus 1% with email. As a direct result of receiving mail 92% have been driven to online or digital activity (2022 DMA). Direct mail not only yields immediate responses but also paves the way for extended online interactions that have the potential to result in conversions.


Personalisation at Its Best

Black Friday is not just about finding the best deals; it’s also about feeling valued as a customer. Direct mail marketing will allow you to personalise your messages to readers in a highly effective way. Our winning formula customises messaging, visuals, and offers triggered by customer interactions on your website to create a direct and impactful connection with each recipient. By using customer data and segmentation, you can send personalised offers and product suggestions to make your customers feel special, fostering direct responses and enabling further online engagement that can lead to conversions.

Moreover, variable printing technology makes it possible to print individual names, customised images, and unique QR codes on each mail piece. This level of personalisation is virtually impossible to achieve with digital advertising alone. Just including the customer’s name in the letter can boost response rates by a remarkable 135% (Compu-Mail, 2022). When customers receive a piece of mail that speaks directly to their preferences and past interactions with your brand, it can significantly boost engagement and conversion rates.

Extended Reach and Visibility

While digital marketing can reach a broad audience, direct mail can help marketing managers extend their reach and visibility during Black Friday. Many consumers still appreciate receiving physical mail, especially during the holiday season. When your direct mail piece arrives in their mailbox, it can serve as a pleasant surprise, reminding them of your brand and the upcoming Black Friday deals. JICMAIL’s data reveals the connections readers establish with direct mail. Statistics indicate that, on average, mail remains in households for eight days, with a significant portion being prominently displayed (e.g., pinned to notice boards or fridges). This enhances brand retention rates and fosters valuable connections.

Additionally, direct mail can help bridge the gap between your online and offline channels. We can include QR codes and personalised URLs in your mailers to drive recipients to your website or specific landing pages. This integration allows you to track and measure the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns, making it a valuable addition to your multichannel marketing strategy.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty

Black Friday isn’t just about acquiring new customers; it’s also about strengthening relationships with existing ones. Direct mail marketing offers a unique opportunity to enhance brand loyalty during this critical shopping season. By sending exclusive offers and discounts to your loyal customers, you show appreciation for their continued support.

Moreover, direct mail can serve as a reminder of your brand’s presence and the value you offer. When customers receive a beautifully designed mailer with a special Black Friday promotion, it reinforces their connection with your brand. This reinforcement can lead to higher customer retention rates and increased customer lifetime value.


Reduced Competition

In the rush to capture consumers’ attention during Black Friday, digital marketing channels become fiercely competitive. The cost per click (CPC) for online advertising can skyrocket as businesses bid for ad placements. In contrast, the mailbox is less crowded, especially for those who have a well-thought-out direct mail strategy.

By incorporating direct mail into your Black Friday marketing efforts, you can tap into a less saturated channel and potentially reduce your customer acquisition costs. The novelty of receiving physical mail during the digital shopping frenzy can give your brand a competitive edge and help you stand out from the competition.



In the age of digital marketing dominance, direct mail marketing during Black Friday offers a unique and powerful strategy for marketing managers. Its tangible connection, personalisation capabilities, extended reach, and brand loyalty-building potential make it a valuable addition to any Black Friday marketing toolkit.

By combining direct mail with your digital efforts, you can create a holistic and multichannel approach that maximises your reach and effectiveness during this crucial shopping season. So, don’t underestimate the impact of a well-crafted piece of direct mail—it may just be the key to unlocking Black Friday success for your brand.

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