Can direct mail actually benefit your business?

Some believe the direct mail channel has fallen behind the times when it comes to what it offers clients. Digital marketing capability allows you to target customers as well as providing access to dashboards/reporting to track performance. There are thousands of Email Service Providers out there claiming to offer managed end to end packages that include insights to drive sales from campaigns. However, with so much going on online nowadays, it has become very difficult to accurately track which outlet a sale can be attributed to. With much less noise in your postbox, Paperplanes can offer so much more for you

What does Paperplanes offer?

Paperplanes offers added value in both the production of highly personalized mail that is sent at the right time to drive action from the customer and insight and analytics that allow us to optimize the performance of the campaign over time. It is important to follow up in the right manner, offer the right personalization and learn from what we send regularly to improve the results. When it comes to partnerships, we believe in a consultative approach so you can benefit from our 20+ years’ experience working with data, digital and direct mail.

Why choose Paperplanes?

1) Hands-off Approach

If you were managing direct mail manually, you would have to set up an FTP/API feed to be triggered somewhere regularly, which would, in turn, have limited personalization. This might sound like an easy task, but it soon becomes a burden, time-intensive, prone to error and if not kept consistent, leads to issues with attribution. That is why the Paperplanes process is completely automated and will not only automate the feeds of mail going to print, but will also dynamically personalize creatives around what each customer was browsing, the area or region they live in and other elements of personalization that are important because relevance improves performance

2) From a GDPR Perspective

Postal Marketing isn’t as heavily regulated as digital comms. This potentially opens up your available targeting pool and allows you to reach more existing customers who have recently expressed interest in your business. This is different to other direct mail approaches that tend to be more prospect and acquisition-based. We only use brand data for the purposes of the campaign, do not pass to anyone else and only reach customers once in an acceptable period.

3) Paperplanes Optimization with Analytics and Insights

Paperplanes creates granular, rich insights that provide absolute clarity over the incremental attribution for the direct mail channel (above and beyond all other forms of digital retargeting you might run). You do not need to be reliant on your own analytical resource to pull an overview together. We will cover all of this in the process to ensure we only ever report sales that can be incrementally driven from direct mail to you. This also means we do not need to be overly reliant on offer code inputs, following URL links, etc. as we know from previous experience these are far from ideal ways for tracking Direct Mail performance, and key sales can be missed.

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