Key Role Physical Touch Plays In Direct Mail Marketing


Social media, digital communication, and mobile internet capability have made digital marketing unavoidable for targeted users and ensured that we are always connected to it. As a result, it’s crucial to promote your company or product online. It is also a good moment to consider how physical marketing might help your company expand and uniquely stand out in the sea of digital marketing.


Before the popularisation of the internet and digital online marketing, there was physical marketing. With the invention of the printing press, pamphleteers could now freely spread and hand out information, giving rise to some of the earliest forms of marketing. The purpose of marketing materials was to test the waters, build an audience, and share fresh ideas.


In many respects, its applications are still relevant today, physical marketing especially in the form of personalised direct mail such as that of Paperplanes can help your marketing ROI grow by 300%.
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The Visual aspect

The direct visual effect is one of the long-standing advantages of physical marketing. Because physical marketing items are tangible, you can give your business or product an immediate presence in the home and start creating a brand image right away. 


The way this applies to direct mail is via the creative process. Personalisation is key in the creatives, giving a  unique experience and a real connection between your brand and the customer, so much so that they actually want to read it.
In fact, Paperplanes data shows that up to  79% of personalised programmatic mail recipients take immediate action after reading the mail piece upon reception compared to 45% of recipients of a personalised email with similar content.  


Display cases, brochure stands, and large-format posters are examples of visual marketing and merchandising assets that all command visual attention while assisting in the organisation and division of space into aesthetically beautiful sections.


With direct mail marketing such as that of Paperplanes, we are providing a canvas for a memorable piece of marketing that will stick with the customer. Customers will positively remember your branding and marketing by bursting with colour and structure in a logical and gripping way.


A long-lasting reminder

Consumer behaviour has shown that tangible artefacts’ allure persists despite efforts to digitise and archive analogue processes. This is being seen right now with the rise in the popularity of vinyl records.


The fastest-growing segment of the music industry is the vinyl record “artefact” market, which is surprisingly not being driven by customers who are old enough to own their original collections still.


Vinyl is not simply playable and palpable in its physical form. Consumers place a high value on its sentimental worth, which is unmatched by a stream or an mp3. Consider your physical marketing to be distinctive in this way: It is a traditional, memorable, and engaging method of connecting with customers. Make your physical marketing materials appealing and relevant, and you’ll see your audience expand and solidify their loyalty.


Direct mail marketing can be interpreted in much the same way. When a piece of mail hits your customer’s doorstep it could stay in the home for weeks or months at a time. Unlike digital marketing which is much more likely to be sent straight to spam folders or not opened in the first place, a piece of physical mail can attract many and multiple glances, engraining your brand’s image and identity into the customer’s memory. 

Crossover marketing

When coordinating with digital marketing channels, creating distinctive physical marketing content is equally crucial. Think about Instagram’s emphasis on visual content and what can be recorded and shared. Whether it’s a poster or a t-shirt, your physical marketing product is simple to photograph and promote using a straightforward visual example. Crossover marketing has a lot of room for growth.


In order to maximise the possibility of a crossover, it may be a good idea to start small with a giveaway or contest. A tangible item, such as a T-shirt, branded with the name or logo of your company is a fantastic way to interact with your audience and thank them for their participation. Then, use creativity in your advertisements to encourage clicks from your audience.


Whatever you do through targeting customers with your digital marketing always remember direct mail can be the perfect accompaniment to an effective multi-channel strategy. As digital marketing has become as common as it is and as it is used in most industries by a vast majority of companies physical mail in comparison will continue to grow in value. Due to the increase in digital marketing, the percentage of physical marketing has decreased making every piece of tangible physical marketing more valuable, thus giving physical mail an edge. 


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