Why Programmatic Direct Mail can benefit the environment

Programmatic direct mail can reduce the impact on the environment in many ways. It can also be cheaper and more efficient for companies than traditional methods of using print.

There are 5 main reasons for this:


  • Programmatic direct mail applied targeting to refine audience selection

  • Programmatic can benefit from a cheaper cost of production

  • Environmentally conscious decision-making process

  • Less junk and wasted paper waste

  •  More recent stakeholders working with print such as programmatic mail operators can ensure transparency in the supply chain and strong environmental principles


How much paper do we use?

In the UK, average paper use for postal marketing equals about 4 million trees! A lot of this paper comes from direct mail. In fact, the average person receives about 41 pieces of junk mail each year. This junk mail often goes straight into the trash, which means it ends up in landfill sites.


Programmatic direct mail is a new way of sending direct mail that is much more efficient and environmentally friendly. With programmatic direct mail, you only receive mail that you actually want to receive. This means there is no unwanted junk mail that ends up in the trash. In addition, programmatic direct mail is usually sent electronically, which means it doesn’t require any paper at all!


Overall, programmatic direct mail is a much more environmentally friendly way to send mail. It reduces the amount of paper used and helps to reduce landfill waste.

Is it more environmentally friendly?

Programmatic direct mail yields stronger results than what traditional postal marketing can bring, with up to 78% less send volume!
By nature of what programmatic direct mail is, the targeted elements make customers far more likely to keep and use the personalised piece of mail too.


How does it work?

Paperplanes tracking technology seamlessly integrates with your web platform, email service provider or directly onto the website to target specific individuals with personalised messages, based on their interactions with the website store pages. 


Programmatic direct mail can be used to target specific individuals based on important (specific repeated) goals or triggers. This means that you can send people messages and promotions that are relevant to them, which is more likely to result in a response. In addition, programmatic direct mail is more efficient because you don’t have to print large quantities of material. This makes it better for the environment because it reduces the amount of paper and other materials that are used.


Insights lead to optimisation

Paperplanes approach to programmatic mail not only drives stronger conversion with fewer mailpieces sent but also allows continuous optimisation through a detailed test and learn plan. Ongoing improvements are made possible through an ongoing focus on performance and granular access to campaign data to continually improve 

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