Cookies are on the way out – Programmatic mail is in

It’s no secret that third-party cookies are on the way out. With new regulations like the CCPA coming into effect along with regulation changes that occurred with GDPR, along with browsers like Safari and Firefox blocking third-party cookies by default, it’s only a matter of time before they’re a thing of the past.


But what does that mean for marketers? How can we connect with consumers if we can’t track how they behave across a wider online ecosystem?


One solution is to focus on interactions on your specific website and first-party data. This is data that you collect yourself, through your own website or app. By collecting first-party data, you can build up a picture of your customers without relying on cookies.

Another solution is to move away from traditional online advertising and focus on more personalised, native forms of advertising. This could include content marketing, influencer marketing or even just good old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing.

What’s important is that you start thinking about how to connect with consumers in a cookieless world now, before it’s too late.


Programmatic Direct Mail connects with consumers


Programmatic direct mail (PDM) is a type of marketing that uses technology to target and deliver personalized messages to consumers through the postal mail channel. It’s a way to connect with customers in a cookieless world, and it’s becoming increasingly popular as more companies adopt data-driven marketing strategies.


PDM allows marketers to send highly personalized and targeted messages to consumers without needing third-party cookies or other tracking data. This is because PDM purely relies on scripts placed directly on your client websites, such as purchase history and demographic information, to target consumers.


This type of marketing is especially effective in reaching consumers who have recently browsed and abandoned, or who are difficult to target with cookies. PDM can be used to supplement other online advertising campaigns and reach consumers who may have been exposed to your ads but didn’t click on them.


If you’re looking for a way to connect with consumers in a third-party cookieless world, PDM may be the right solution for you. Why follow your customers across the web when you can hit them up with a well-tailored and personalized mail piece landing at home to get the job done?


Three ways to make the most of Programmatic Direct Mail

With the rise of ad blockers and concerns about data privacy, marketers are struggling to reach consumers at the time most relevant to generate a sale. But there is a solution: programmatic direct mail.


As we have outlined Programmatic direct mail allows you to target consumers with personalized messages and offers, without using third-party cookies or other tracking methods. Here are three ways to make the most of this powerful marketing tool:


  • select the right Partner for Programmatic Direct Mail


As the world becomes increasingly digitised, companies are finding new and innovative ways to reach their target audiences. However, one thing remains constant: the importance of connecting with consumers on a personal level.


One way to do this is through Programmatic Direct Mail (PDM). PDM direct marketing uses data-driven targeting to send personalised messages to a wider consumer base.


The benefits of PDM are clear. By using data to target consumers, companies can ensure that their message is relevant and targeted to the right audience. Additionally, PDM allows companies to track and measure the results of their campaigns, so they can adjust their strategy as needed.


However, not all PDM partners are created equal. It’s important to select a partner that has a proven track record of success and that offers a robust set of features.


Some things to look for in a PDM partner include:


-A technology that integrates seamlessly with your existing marketing stack

-The ability to target consumers across channels (e.g., email, direct mail, social media)

-Detailed reporting and analytics ability

-A team of experts who can help you get the most out of the platform


‘Programmatic Direct Mail’ is quite a new niche channel, and this buzzword is often thrown around without true capabilities… therefore choosing the right partner is all about asking the right questions:

Is this more than just automation?


Machine learning algorithms train their models against real-time intent and transaction data in order to optimize towards what you want them to do. This makes Programmatic Direct Mail more effective than marketing automation, which relies on events that are not an indicator of intent, rather more so based on some time-based trigger or common belief on the best approach


What about the data?


Traditional direct mail did not have the same nimbleness Programmatic Direct Mail enjoys when it came to reaching the most relevant consumers. For example, Programmatic Direct Mail does not need demographic or household data to find the right consumers for your company. 

How much support do you need?

Some top tips below for understanding how much support is required


  • You need to think about how much time and effort you want to commit to operating on a particular platform or utilising a team that implements the campaign for you.


  • Understand the importance of using performance as a metric


  • Programmatic Direct Mail is still a relatively new channel and how you evaluate performance requires a different mindset.


  • The way consumers interact with mail, ads, and social media is different. A digital performance channel has an instant impact on the viewer, but a direct mail campaign can last for days or weeks. This requires more time to develop as you work on your attribution window.


  • From a direct mail perspective, if a company is looking to get more of their mailing into digital space with Programmatic Direct Mail, they won’t have to spend as much money upfront and rely on volume from the mailing. Rather, companies can use analytics to see what performs the best and optimises ongoing spending in those areas.


With Programmatic Direct Mail you don’t need to send as much to achieve even better performance. It’s more about actively monitoring and managing against your performance goals in the moment rather than relying on more spending to reach more people in the hopes of generating a result.


Keep in mind that marketing automation and AI is still new technology. You should ask industry experts and those managing the platforms running these programs to help you understand the best practices of a campaign.


Full Funnel Marketing

With Programmatic Direct Mail, you can not only retarget people on your website with marketing messages but also boost performance and sales throughout the customer lifecycle. And this strategy is made more effective when your data is taken from first-party sources.


For example, Paperplanes can identify your highest average order customers, and that data could form the starting point for modelling other audiences (lookalikes and act alike) for prospecting. You can also score that list by conversion potential so you can drive more efficient performance with less burnout from your customer list.


Your first-party data not only helps you engage with customers, it also helps improve their experiences across all parts of the customer lifecycle. With your data, you don’t have to keep receiving irrelevant emails or ads. A Programmatic Direct Mail partner will use your data to create block lists and filters to ensure that your customers only get relevant messages and promotions from you. If you focus on segmentation and offer personalized content, you can win back buyers who have lost interest in your brand.


You need to continually test new strategies in marketing. This is crucial because your customers will demand more from your business in the next couple of years. Marketing strategies such as email campaigns, chatbots, and live video chats are fine but direct mail allows maximum exposure in the household with limited competition for your customer’s attention. If you optimize correctly you will have the benefit of making performance on the channel even stronger as you go.



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