Mattressman Abandoned cohort Recovery


Mattressman is the UK’s biggest online mattress specialist founded in 2004 in North Walsham, selling hundreds of mattress models from top manufacturers like Silentnight, Hypnos and Sealy. They pride themselves on offering great quality mattresses at unbeatable prices and have something for every budget and purpose. 

Mattressman is partnering with Paperplanes to run a pilot activity for programmatic direct mail. The test is focused on triggering relevant, personalised, physical media to customers who either recently purchased on the website or haven’t been back since. We also have run some activities to target customers that recently made a transaction to encourage a follow-up purchase. The overarching goal is to see an increase in customer engagement online and to increase overall conversions.


Mattressman partnered with Paperplanes to identify customers who either recently purchased on the website or haven’t been back since and identify customers who abandoned their baskets. To do so, customers’ online activity was monitored to gain insights into their behaviour. Also, the personalised and relevant postal marketing campaign was triggered, reaching the customers’ homes, and offering a discount code. Within, they were recommended products and extra incentives to visit the site, which were A/B tested to refine the strategy.



•The campaign successfully created a 4.3% conversion from the abandoned cohort, a 0.4% conversion in sales from Winback and a 1.6% of customers mailed Next Best Purchase
•Customers are 2.5x more likely to return to Mattressman after mailing, view 15% more pages and stay 50% longer.
•Early stage ROAS pre-optimisation at £15 to £1 mail vs sales.
•Incremental revenue for totals £9.42 to £1. Abandon Basket incremental ROAS generation appears unlimited with at least £18 to £1 100% attribution being generated from the returning customer base


“ Mattressman partnered with Paperplanes because of our need for a more dynamic option, that allows us to speak to the right people with content they need, at the right time. They were not only able to drive sales and achieve a 4.3% conversion rate on the abandonment basket campaign, but also drive an impactful increase of website visits and engagement.”

– Head of CRM, Mattressman