Soak&Sleep Customer Conversions increase

The Context

Soak&Sleep is currently one of the most successful bedding and bath retailers in the UK. From humble beginnings in a spare bedroom in 2008 Soak&Sleep have diligently been working to improve and maximise the comfort and quality of sleep that their customers are getting. Soak&Sleep source the finest materials across the globe and produce high quality, long lasting, personalised and affordable bedding.

The action

Soak&Sleep and Paperplanes partnered to trial our innovative approach to postal marketing. The activity would focus on triggering relevant, personalised and physical media to customers of Soak&Sleep who haven’t returned to the website for a prolonged period of time.

Additionally there was activity targeting customers who had recently purchased from Soak&Sleep. These customers are also sent physical direct mail to encourage follow-up purchases with the overarching goal being to increase customer engagement online and to increase overall conversions.

Soak&Sleep Conversion

The Result

  • The campaign successfully created 17.1% conversion in sales from customers mailed abandon 

  • 9.6% conversion from the audience who had recently removed from the basket.

  •  Winback performance 3.2% and next purchase captured 6.3%

  • Customers were 30% more likely to return to convert after receiving the mailing

  • Average basket value for mailed groups is 30% stronger than ABV of no-mail cohorts. 


“Paperplanes offered a creative solution for bringing back customers who haven’t purchased from us in a long time. It has helped us maximise the value of our customers and get strong improvements on conversion rates across all the mailed groups of customers. Paperplanes has provided us enhanced insight on our customers and improved the ways we can grow value from them”.