With the Help of Programmatic Direct Mail, Gousto saw an 11% return rate of churned customers

The Context

Gousto supplies subscribers with recipe kit boxes which include ready-measured, fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe instructions. They are one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK with a strong reputation for speedy service and great food.

Response from digital channels had peaked in recent months so Gousto approached Paperplanes to understand if a fast, responsive and dynamically driven creative via the postal channel could make a difference for their already advanced customer journey.

The Action

Upon scoping the size of the opportunity with Gousto it was clear that personalisation and speed of communication to the lapsed universe would be key. We wanted to entice a returning customer with meal kit inspirations for the week ahead so we created a dynamic creative link to pull in a weekly update of meals.

It was also crucial to understand the difference between offering a customer a direct discount on creative vs potentially seeing if a QR code with a pre-loaded offer could add value. As an App-based business QR could turn out to be quite useful.

gousto direct mail

The Results

The campaign led to strong incremental uplift which exceeded expectations

  • 11% of the churned customers returned to Gousto after receiving the automated DM
  • 17%  meaningful incremental uplift from the campaign
  • Customers were even found to engage with QR codes, which would take them directly to the App or Browser to resurrect.
  • Customers mailed are much more likely to remain Gousto customers over a longer period than those not mailed


“We were looking for the right capability and channel to help us resurrect customers who had recently lapsed. Paperplanes integrated seamlessly with our integration tools, helping us learn best practices for reaching these customers. Paperplanes are a valuable partner for us to help aid our customer contact strategy.”

CRM Manager, Gousto

Paperplanes are a valuable partner for us to help aid our customer contact strategy.

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