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Bower Collective aims to make sustainable living simple and accessible for everyone. They are passionate about customers on their journey to eliminating waste and ensuring homes are stocked with products that are good for you and good for the planet.



Bower Collective wanted to understand how they could boost customer conversion rate and subscription further. Despite attracting shoppers to their website, they were struggling to transform one-time buyers into loyal, repeat customers. In response, a strategic plan was crafted to address these issues head-on and breathe new life into their customer engagement strategy.


The primary goal was to revive the interest of customers who had previously spent a substantial sum, exceeding £50, on their products but had remained dormant for 280 days or more. To achieve this, an extensive data analysis was conducted, meticulously sifting through the customer database to pinpoint those eligible for a re-engagement initiative. Once identified, these customers were segmented for a highly personalised winback campaign, engineered to reignite their interest and prompt further interaction.


The core of this winback campaign revolved around tailored messaging. Each customer received communications uniquely crafted to resonate with their preferences and shopping history. Furthermore, incentives played a pivotal role. Exclusive discounts and voucher codes were strategically incorporated, offering customers compelling reasons to revisit the Bower Collective website and make a purchase. This personalised approach not only rekindled customer interest but also significantly increased the likelihood of conversions.


The second objective was equally vital: converting recent eCommerce store customers into enthusiastic subscription customers within a mere 30 days of their initial purchase. This entailed the identification and segmentation of eCommerce customers who had made a recent purchase, thus demonstrating an active interest in Bower Collective’s products.


Intricately designed messages were dispatched to these potential subscribers, focusing on the manifold advantages of subscribing, from convenience and cost savings to the consistent supply of products. To sweeten the deal, enticing incentives were embedded within these communications, aimed at nudging customers towards the transition from one-time buyers to long-term subscribers. This strategic approach not only increased the likelihood of subscription conversion but also fostered a sense of belonging and commitment among customers, thereby improving customer retention.


In summary, the actions outlined to address Bower Collective’s subscription and customer retention challenges were highly data-driven and customer-centric. By leveraging data analysis, personalised messaging, and enticing incentives, they were able to re-engage dormant customers and convert recent buyers into loyal subscribers, ultimately breathing new life into their business and enhancing their customer relationships.


Enhance Your ROI



Bower Collective, committed to simplifying sustainable living, achieved notable results in boosting customer loyalty and subscription rates. Their targeted efforts led to a remarkable 10.4% conversion rate for the winback campaign, successfully re-engaging dormant customers. Furthermore, a 13.0% return rate highlighted customers making a second or third purchase on the website. Additionally, the strategic focus on converting recent eCommerce customers shows that targeting abandoned activity is just as valuable for existing customers to create sales as it is to encourage new customers to shop for the first time. This is evident with a 15.4% conversion rate for abandoned baskets among existing customers. These impressive results reflect Bower Collective’s data-driven and customer-centric approach, reinforcing their success in building lasting customer relationships and driving sustainability.



Collaborating with Paperplanes, our goal was to re-engage customers who hadn’t made a purchase in an extended period and convert recent eCommerce store customers into subscription members within a specific time frame. By leveraging Paperplanes’ unique data analysis software and personalised messaging that included incentives such as exclusive discounts and voucher codes, we were able to achieve significant success.


Our winback campaign resulted in a noteworthy conversion rate, while abandoned baskets from new customers had an impressive conversion rate. Additionally, existing customers also returned to complete their abandoned purchases. In summary, a substantial percentage of customers came back for a second or third purchase. We are looking forward to continuing our successful partnership with Paperplanes!

— Marketing Manager, Bower Collective


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